A Subtle Approach to Modern Interior Design

This home in Gurgaon makes a subtle yet striking impression on you. Imagine walking into a relatively compact home but feeling like it was spacious and inviting. That is precisely what well-planned and designed spaces feel like. This home does not feel restrictive or constricting in anyways. This is the exceptional work of the interior designers and decorators of Designers GangGurgaon. The most attractive feature of the home remains a subtle and neutral design.

Classy Designs

Living Room Wall Decoration by Designers Gang

Living Room Wall Decoration

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This is a fabulous way of creating a distinctive yet pleasing display area. Most of the typical ledges that you see in homes are created as a ledge or within a cabinet. This is a wonderful use of wood within the wall. The rich colour of the wood seems to make it look unique and exceptional. The recessed lighting that has been used is perfect as it throws a warm glow around the items displayed.

False Ceilings

Living Room Design by Designers Gang

Living Room Design

A simple yet attractive false ceiling design has been used to create the desired effect in this room. The richness of the wood plays against the white background of the walls. The recessed lighting in the ceiling is the perfect way to refine the look of any room. Wood furniture in the next room complements the subtle presence of the same in this one.

Interior Designers & Decorators Gurgaon

DLF Newtown Heights Kolkata - Dining and Crockery Unit with Built in Bar Modern dining room by Kphomes Modern

Exceptional Lighting

False Ceiling Design by Designers Gang

False Ceiling Design

If you are dealing with a relatively small room, it makes sense to use accents that are subtle yet impactful. In this case, the designers have used an attractive central light. The light throws a beautiful and inviting glow.

Interesting Design

Wall Design, TV Unit Area by Designers Gang

Wall Design, TV Unit Area

This is a gorgeous way to display your favourite collectibles. The white laminate on the inside of the wall cabinet breaks up the dark colour. The designers have used recessed lighting within these boxes to create the perfect halo around whatever is being displayed. A compact yet perfect buffet table sits underneath. A colourful and abstract artwork hangs above the table providing the perfect vibrancy to this space.

Subtlety in Design

Simple TV Unit Design by Designers Gang

Simple TV Unit Design

This is a wonderful TV unit that works great in the overall design theme. The compact design of the unit impresses. The drawers and shelves are perfect when you need to store things. A small patch on the wall is framed by simple ledges. The all-white look in this space has been broken up by the brown of the wood. The lights used in this room have been picked so the room can look wonderful while being functional and effective.

Organized Kitchen Design

Modular Kitchen Design by Designers Gang

Designers Gang

Modular Kitchen Design

The black and white combination in this kitchen works to create a spotless look. The lovely cabinets above the counter work great against the darker colour below. The design allows the natural light from the outside to come in unfiltered. The dark colour in the attic works great to give a seamless look to the design.

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