Interior Design Ideas

The scope of interior design is vast, posing a challenge to homeowners when they want to create a beautiful home. However, by working with the right professionals, it is possible to design a home that can be cherished for years. Designers should understand the requirements of the client to conceptualize the ideal design for the home. The interior designers and decorators of Designers Gang have done that amazingly well in this modern apartment in Gurgaon. Everything about the house is fashionable, trendy and contemporary. The choice of accents, the furnishings and the exquisite lighting have all contributed to making this home unique and exceptional.

Gorgeous Living and Dining Area

Dinning View


The glossy marble floors play the perfect role in setting up the ambiance in the room. The subtle and understated elegance that it exudes is all thanks to the neutral shades. The rectangular room has been designed to feature a small seating area and a dining room. Both areas have been separated by a simple room divider. The dining area sits opposite a well-stocked floor-to-ceiling built-in bar unit.

Modern Mandir

Temple area


The pooja area in the home is modern and unique. The marble floor provides excellent contrast against the soft and light-coloured wood that has been chosen. The pooja unit features a single large shelf in the center that is perfect for placing one large idol. Small open ledges on either side can be used for smaller icons. The gorgeous yellow backdrop with a pleasing print creates the right energy in the area.

Stylish Kitchen

Modular Kitchen View


The classy kitchen has grey tones that work well against the white marble floors. Patterned wall tiles break up the monotony of the plain colours to contribute a little texture to the room design. A false ceiling is a perfect way to add lighting to any space. The designers have accomplished it quite well in this kitchen. Cabinets above the counter do not stretch to the ceiling, giving the kitchen a modern and contemporary look.

Lovely Passageway

Corridor View of M3M Merlin Gurgaon


A small passage leading up to the bedroom has been made interesting by using mirrors in abstract shapes on the ceiling. The artwork on the walls and sconces create an incredible aura in the space. The neutral colour on the walls is perfect in keeping the look contemporary and classy.

Sophisticated Bedroom

Normal to Luxury Bedroom Designs


The bedroom has an elegant and relaxing vibe. The grey tone has been matched with an English green to give the room a peaceful appearance. The view from the balcony complements the calmness of the interiors. The ceiling has strip lights, which add depth to the design.

Sharp Looks

Designers View


The wood floors contribute warmth to this bedroom. By using formal and somewhat masculine colours, the designers have given a smart and classy feel to the bedroom. The drapes complement the colour palette so it all comes together beautifully. A simple yet stylish TV unit and a wall-mounted television complete the room.

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